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Soulnote A-2 Integrated Amplifier


Perfectly balanced, discrete non-NFB channels
SOULNOTE's original perfectly balanced non-NFB channels have been fully optimized and incorporated to put give sound quality the highest priority. Voltage feedback has been completely eliminated in the output stage, the voltage amplification stage, and in the power supply circuits. Because of their impact on sound, DC servo circuits and current mirror circuits have been eliminated, while both the constant current circuits and the bias circuits in the voltage amplification stage employ simple circuitry layouts that only use constant current elements (2SK209) and constant voltage elements (LEDs) carefully selected for utmost sound quality. The power amplification stage is perfectly balanced all the way through the emitter follower output. All this in relentless pursuit of vibrant, expansive, clear, and lush music playback.

Relay-switching balanced attenuator
The volume isn't controlled by electronics or a rotary slider, but instead incorporates SOULNOTE's original relays in a balanced attenuator system that switches high-precision resistors. This dramatically increases clarity, and allows the sound image to emerge in three dimensions. It also significantly improves quality at low volume levels without fear of gang errors.

An ideal construction
The input signal line has been rationalized by concentrating the input terminals, input selectors, volume, and the non-NFB voltage amplification stage onto a single multi-layered board. The board does not use even a single shield or filter that could negatively impact the sound in order to eliminate every factor that reduce sound quality, such as the effects of vibrations from connecting cables, inductance components, radiation noise, etc. This ideal construction has been achieved thanks to the relay-switching balanced attenuator.

Rated output   100W×2(8ohm) ,200W×2 (4ohm),400W (BTL MONO 8ohm)
Total harmonic distortion   0.03% (50W 8ohm)
Frequency characteristic   SPEAKER(8ohm 1W):3Hz to 240kHz (±1.0dB)
Input sensitivity/impedance   LINE1,2,3(balance):700mV/16kohm , LINE4,5,6 :700mV/8kohm
S/N ratio   110dB(IHF A network)
Maximum external dimensions   Main unit:455(W)×162(H)×423(D)mm
Weight   20.5kg
Included accessories   Remote control,Spikes,Power cord